Sunday, March 14, 2010

Study Guide (Final Exam)

Michel Foucault: Structuralism and Post-structuralism; Post-modernism; Archeology and Genealogy; Episteme; Power/knowledge Relation; Surveillance and discipline; The Three Phases of Punishment; Panopticon; Disciplinary society; Disciplinary individuals; Sign; Surveillance; Meta-narratives

Jean Baudrillard: The Dialectics of the Signifier and the Signified; Pre-modern, Modern and Post-modern Societies; Simulation; Use-value, Exchange Value and Sign-value; The Orders of Simulacra; Hyper-reality; Disneyland and the United States of America; The Gulf War

Pierre Bourdieu: Structuralism; Subjectivism (Social physics and Social phenomenology); Genetic Structuralism; Symbolic Power; Habitus; Linguistic Capital; Fields; Economic Capital; Social Capital; Cultural Capital; Symbolic Capital; Symbolic Violence

Anthony Giddens: Duality of Structure; Structure; Rules; Resources; Agency; Practical Consciousness; Discursive Conciseness; System

Immanuel Wallerstein & Edward Said: World-system; World-empires; World economies, Core; Periphery; Semiperiphery; Orientalism; Imaginative Geography